Group Workshops

Group workshops are an immersive experience where my healing power is multiplied because what I can perform on one serves All: the ripple effect.

My mission of reconnecting Humans/Earth is amplified in a group setting, especially when I work in Nature because I can connect with all elements and bring people together.   

During retreats, I offer guided meditations, dance, yoga practice, breath work, journaling, emotional body work, and various activities to reconnect with nature. I do a lot of drumming with some singing where I encourage clients to shout, kick, cry, to let go of sadness, frustration, and anger. The idea is to alleviate your heart of all the suffering before I heal and soothe your heart.

In workshops, we can access deeper wisdom and create humanhood bonding. You realize you are not alone. In the end, you will leave feeling like you finally belong, you have found your tribe and clarified your mission on Earth.




Mother Earth Heart Beat

Where - When - What :

Online : 12 weeks, a live group class each week on zoom + 45 minutes of one on one every 4 weeks (total of 3 private sessions with me!)

Each weeks: journaling prompts + guided meditation + daily affirmations

Details :

For women who have had multiple heartbreaks, heart attacks, burnouts, went through painful divorce, separation, miscarriage, abortion, loss of a loved one, who feel lonely and abandoned, went through physical or emotional abuse

Heal the past, release a sense of guilt, work through grief, change the story line, build new habits, open the heart to joy, recover peace, trust the process

Channeling High Frequency ancestors wisdom to retrieve important messages, Shamanic Journeys to reconnect with Mother Earth and release trauma, breath work, live guided meditation, oracle cards, journaling and yoga exercices to open the heart & balance the chakras

Deep heart soul healing that helps you recover a sense of ONENESS and INNER POWER so you learn to set clear boundaries. Wherever you are you will never ever feel alone and Trust that UNIVERSAL LOVE has your back.


France Retreat Workshop: Relax, Rejoice & Rejuvenate

Where - When - What :

Bilingual, English & Français

October 2023, 4 days/3 nights

An intimate group of 12 participants, perfect for couples, family, or friends!

You're invited to a profound transformation at a 5 star restored windmill in quaint France.

Details :

This retreat is for you if:

You have experienced heartbreak, grief or loss in your life.

Have you lost your spark?

Do you feel stuck?

Are you ready to take a step forward?

What's included:

  • 4 days/3 nights
  • Accommodation at a warm French home
  • 3 meals per day prepared by a Master Chef with fresh produce from the local garden
  • A space to relax, meditate, and dream freely
  • Daily healing circles to release trauma, sorrow, and stress
  • An afternoon in local gardens to expand your relationship with Mother Earth
  • A pastry cooking lesson
  • An introduction to Aromatherapy
  • Bike ride or walks in surrounding neighborhood

Not included Airfare to Paris and Train fare to Surgeres


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