About Me


I am Violeta Orowingsas, French Shamanic Healer, Mongolia Lineage. 

I am here, on Earth, at this time, to bring people back to Nature and remind them of the importance of interconnection. Without harmonizing with the 5 elements, Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Spirit, humans can't survive. 

Shamans deal on the energetic level. They go to knots in your body and untie blockages so the cells can start writing another story. They can access and heal the physical and emotional through the spiritual.

My mission is to guide people towards the Heart of the Earth; reconcile them with their own heartbreaks so they can find their calling and live in peace. I am the link between Humans and Nature; the instrument of light, love, and Harmony. I am here for the Highest Good of All.


My Background 

In 2012, I was introduced to Peruvian shamanic practices which led me to 10 years of intensive training. As a Shamanic Healer Practitioner, you have to walk the path and fully embody your studies before being able to help others. 

I understood that shamans can influence earthly laws when done in a way to respect the overall harmony and well-being of all. I discovered that the Earth has a slow beating heart and that we can connect with it by playing shamanic drums. 

The practical work allows you little by little to read in the energy of others, to see their auras, and to communicate with their guides to activate transformations.

I connected with my enlightened spirit guides and totem animals, which gave me full confidence in the unseen world. I healed the first layers of my ancestral wounds and opened my chakras to vibrate optimally in order to balance my luminous body and perceive the subtlety of the energy field.

I was initiated by a master shaman from Mongolia in 2019. During a fire ceremony, I understood that I had to go into "trance state” (channeling) and let a great luminous guide from my Russian lineage connect with me. 

I met with another very powerful Totem animal: the Wolf, which symbolizes the mastery of courage through solitude exploration and the communion of knowledge and wisdom with the tribe.

At that point, I fully understood my mission: embracing the Shamanic Healer in me.

I now do sessions where my client's spirit guides reveal their origins, names, looks, and gifts they can pass along. They communicate to point out key issues. While in a “trance state” (channeling), I can feel where it hurts, and I am guided to heal with my voice and my hands.

During workshops held in Brazil, land of my soul. I gather groups around the fire or on the beach to honor the Earth and transmute ancestral trauma. I collaborate with other local healers during ceremonies and welcome All beings called to reconciliate their heart, learn to navigate challenges and make peace with themselves.



Programs & Sessions