Programs & Sessions

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First and foremost, my clients have to trust that I am working with their energy field and surrender to their ancestor's wisdom to encounter optimal healing. 


Group Workshops

Group workshops are an immersive experience where my healing power is multiplied because what I can perform on one serves All: the ripple effect. 

My mission of reconnecting Humans/Earth is amplified in a group setting, especially when I work in Nature because I can connect with all elements and bring people together. 

During retreats, I offer guided meditations, dance, yoga practice, breath work, journaling, emotional body work, and various activities to reconnect with nature. I do a lot of drumming with some singing where I encourage clients to shout, kick, cry, to let go of sadness, frustration, and anger. The idea is to alleviate your heart of all the suffering before I heal and soothe your heart. 

In workshops, we can access deeper wisdom and create humanhood bonding. You realize you are not alone. In the end, you will leave feeling like you finally belong, you have found your tribe and clarified your mission on Earth.





One On One Sessions

In order to receive full benefits, we start with a chakra clearing, then an aura clearing. If you have been in a toxic, abusive environment that sticks to your body field, it’s like a garden, we remove the weeds before planting new seeds. 

Then I invite you to relax, breathe, and connect to your soul and heartbeat at a deep level so I can take you on a Shamanic Journey. 

A Shamanic Journey is like a guided meditation, while hearing a drum sound, it allows you to enter another realm where the physical body is more receptive to healing. You ask questions that I transmit to your powerful guides: these guides give answers whenever they feel it is the right timing. 

When you transmute your wounds you experience great relief so your heart can absorb more light and love. Then you will feel called to take action.





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