One On One Sessions

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In order to receive full benefits, we start with a chakra clearing, then an aura clearing. If you have been in a toxic, abusive environment that sticks to your body field, it’s like a garden, we remove the weeds before planting new seeds. 

Then I invite you to relax, breathe, and connect to your soul and heartbeat at a deep level so I can take you on a Shamanic Journey. 

A Shamanic Journey is like a guided meditation, while hearing a drum sound, it allows you to enter another realm where the physical body is more receptive to the healing. You ask questions that I transmit to your powerful guides: these guides give answers whenever they feel it is the right timing. 

When you transmute your wounds you experience great relief so your heart can absorb more light and love. Then you will feel called to take action.




Vision Quest. Answering your call!

Where - When - What:

On Zoom, 6 months: 90-minute private meeting twice a month.


Start the process of the Vision Quest.

Shamanic Journeys to retrieve spirit guides and totem/power animals. Go into trauma stored in your DNA. Transmute the shadows into Light to get a clear vision.

Transforming your fears into trust. I teach you to be courageous, to be brave and bold while overcoming obstacles.

Work on dreams and interpretation to take action on your daily life.

We access your inner power and unique vision together so you can answer your call. You become responsible for your life and ready to take actions.

Series of session exercises to open your heart. Learn to hear the soul and recognize the messages. Follow your heart 100 per cent and start the journey of self-discovery.

A real Vision Quest empowers you to the point of no return and aligns you to your real purpose here and now on Earth.


One-time private session: Spirit Guides and/or power animals


$288 for 60 minutes on Zoom

$440 for 60 to 90 minutes in-person


On Zoom

At your home or a convenient location in nature


Shamanic Journey to connect with your enlightened Spirit Guides, Power Animals and ancestral trauma clearing.


One-time private session: Specific Theme


$288 for 60 minutes 

$440 for 90 minutes


In-person or on Zoom


For people who have had multiple heartbreaks, heart attacks, burnouts, went through a painful divorce, separation, miscarriage, abortion, loss of a loved one, who feel lonely and abandoned, went through physical or emotional abuse.



Where: online Zoom Program

Total commitment but at your own pace over 4 to 6 months.

1st session: 45 minutes diagnosis: question, Aura cleansing and Totems: $188

2nd session: 1 hour: contact with powerful guides and first messages: $288

3rd session: 1h15: heart-soul integration: $388

4th session 1h30: Vision opening: $488

This online CRESCENDO is for you:

If you need clarity

If you feel your heart vibrating when you hear a drum beat

If your intuition tells you: it would be really great to discover who I really am

If you feel your fears are being triggered, you panic but your heart tells you that you have to jump because the parachute is right there on the other side


Answering a question - Vision Quest Tarot Reading


$88 for 44 minutes


On Zoom


Channeling your message to move beyond limitations