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Honoring Mother Earth — Shamanism



I wanted to reach out to you to share some of the beautiful things I have felt since our session of last Saturday.The day after the session, I no longer felt the blockage in my chest. The weight or scar that I had been feeling for months was gone. And so glad to say that it is no longer there. I breathe better and feel better.I read about my White Polar Bear animal guide and I could relate to what he represents. I have invited to my life every day, mostly in the morning on my long rides on the Beltway. When looking at the white clouds in the sky, I imagine him and feel his presence and protection. He is a very comforting companion. He is my teddy bear and much more!!I have also invited my two other guides to ride with me. Manuela makes me happy and makes me sing in the car. Thank god, I have no other passengers with me in the car. I am very happy to have "met" my guides and am still getting to know them. I like the comfort of their presence.I know that this is just the beginning and I am open to what may or will come next!Hope that your week is going well.I want to thank you again for the session that you gave me and the wonderful effects that I am feeling and enjoying every moment of my day.Big Bear hug to you!


“Violeta came into my life at a time that I needed to connect with my higher power in order to clear some very difficult circumstances. She is loving and kind, and at the same time, VERY powerful! A true force of nature! Through our sessions, I discovered my own innate power and was able to stand up to a bully who previously made me shrivel in fear. I am so grateful to Violeta and I’m sure I will return to work with her again and again. I’m forever grateful for her support.”


También estoy muy contenta de ir a conocer ese maravilloso país: Brasil! Solo quiero decirte y es mi testimonio! Mi vida cambió mucho positivamente en todo el sentido de la palabra desde que te conocí! Me hiciste ver la vida de diferente manera. Antes caminaba con una nube negra sobre mí! Por eso y más te doy las gracias querida Violeta y te deseo todo lo mejor del universo.


"I am so grateful for being aligned to meet Violeta. From the moment I found her my life has truly transformed. Spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally! Even financially doors have opened up to me. She has helped bringing me closer to my essence, my true self and those that guard and walk with me. Through my past traumatic experiences, I have now found myself being the awareness that is aware of myself. I am honored to know this light-bearer and to be apart of her team. The gift that Violeta has revealed to me is more than what I had expected when I first reached out to this amazing being. Which makes me even more assured in the direction she has helped guide me to! Her light is ultraviolet."

"Thanks for another fun, thoughtful, and meaningful event. I really like how you create an atmosphere that is genuine but not crazy serious. Each of us is doing our own important work, and it’s so helpful to have a place to share without feeling like being put on the spot."


"Thank you for sharing this beautiful message, the power of love in action!"

Marie Noelle

"Thank you for your beautiful visions."


"Thank you again for last night’s festivities and your gracious hospitality. The crepes, coulis, chocolate, and tea were splendid and the Circle was fun, inspiring, and deeply moving."