Sacred Eagle Medicine Meditation

Ancient Hopi wisdom, sacred Eagle medicine, shamanic healing, lessons from the earth spirits -- these are some of the things I encountered on my recent trip to the mystical Chaco Canyon in New Mexico for the Fall/Spring Equinox 2021. This land felt very much alive, rife with energy portals and whispers of forgotten knowledge for greater healing.

It is my wish to make this healing accessible for all who feel called to it, and so we recently held a portal-opening meditation where we experienced a powerful activation of the wisdoms of this land, of the spirits, and of shamanic medicine to usher the listener into a realm of healing. 


Watch a replay of this meditation here


In the guided, channeled meditation, we connected to the ruins of the mystical Chaco Canyon, a sacred land bustling with ancestral spirits, known to the Pueblo people as the Kachina. You will experience a deep healing, clearing, and transformation, having received the wisdom and blessings of these ancestral spirits along with the shamanic medicine of the Eagle. Along with sacred Eagle medicine, we connected to the four elements (water, earth, air, fire), and the three other major totems in shamanic practices – serpent, jaguar, and hummingbird. The Kachina spirits delivered their wisdom of the land, to aide in the healing of all, and to receive your prayers to take back with them to the spirit world.





Chaco Canyon was a place of spiritual and archeological importance to the Pueblo people. The structures were built in synchronicity to the sun’s trajectory across the skies, marking the solstices and changes of the seasons. Sacred ceremonies were held here, and the legend of the Pueblo people states that those who held the ceremonies had the powers to control animals, natural forces, and the weather.


Eagle animal medicine represents the Great Spirit and the sun at noon. With his vantage point from high in the skies, he is able to witness the patterns that guide us toward greater spiritual knowledge.

Eagle medicine includes strength, power, courage, wisdom, illumination of Spirit, healing, creation, connection to spirit guides and higher truths, and the ability to see deeper spiritual truths.


The Kachina are spirits of great importance to the Hopi peopleThey can be the spirits of deities, animals, or even ancestral spirits. Each year they come, walk upon the earth and dance to bring life and renewal. When the Kachinas return to the spirit world at the end of the planting season, they return with prayers of the Hopi that we might all continue on this earth for another round in the circle of life. They are prayed to and given offerings in exchange for blessings and protection.


Sacred Eagle Medicine Meditation