I facilitate restoration between the heart and soul because I lived in the pain of that disconnection through 20 years of repetitive heartbreaks. I deeply understand the pain of a heart that can't find reconciliation. A heart who will continue to attract/create unhealthy patterns until it heals through deep self-love practice and feels complete. 

I love to assist people who went through devastating heartbreaks and as a mother I also enjoy working with highly imaginative children and their parents.

I lived about 10 years in South America, fully immersed in studying native wisdom. Thereafter, a series of synchronicities orchestrated by my Spirit Guides, led me to an immersion with Bjambadorj, a Master Shaman from Mongolia. 

What I bring to a session is what I deeply live within: Joy, laughter, dancing, music, playful energy. I can help you from a place that is broken, full of guilt and shame to a new breath of life and open your heart to love again. Yes, it's possible, I am a living example!

I am also a Red Tent Facilitator and thrives to reconcile the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine within. I use Native technics from Australia and North America to bring awareness of the needed balance in our body: temple of our soul. 

I offer 1.1 sessions and group programs for adults and highly imaginative children as well as retreat journeys in Europe, North America and Brazil. This joyful work focuses on reconciling your heart & soul while playfully bathing in the magic of Mother Nature and honoring your divine self.